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Electronics Production Charmhigh CHM-550 Small Smt Led Lens Pick And Place Machines

Electronics Production Charmhigh CHM-550 Small Smt Led Lens Pick And Place Machines

CHM 550 Smt Machines

Led Lens Smt Machines

Charmhigh Pick And Place Machines

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Product Details
4 Head Pick And Place Machine
PCB Size:
Vacuum Generation:
Vacuum Generator (Japan PISCO)
Mounting Speed:
6500cph (optimal) ; 5000cph (IPC9850)
Transmission System:
Ball Screw + Linear Guide
Component Height:
Mounting Accuracy:
±60μm CPK≥1.0(XY)
Control Accuracy:
PCB Thickness:
Component Type:
0201/0402/0603~5050/SOT/SOP/QFP/QFN/BGA, Etc.
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD $7800
Packaging Details
wooden box
Delivery Time
1-3 work days
Payment Terms
credit card,PayPal,T/T
Supply Ability
200 per month
Product Description


Electronics Production Machinery Charmhigh CHM-550 Small Smt Led Lence Pick And Place Machines



Hunan Charmhigh Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is the well-known manufacturer of high-end SMT equipment in China.
The company is located in the Changsha High-tech Development Zone,covering a total area of 3600 square meters.

As a professional modern science and technology enterprise capable of both R&D,production and marketing, Charmhigh has been leading the way in SMT technology for more than ten years.

Different series of multi-head full-automatic SMT machines have been developed and manufactured by Charmhigh to meet various practical production needs.

In accordance with the business philosophy of "Customer First, Innovation Paramount", Charmhigh has won the hearts of thousands of customers all over the world.


Why choose Charmhigh?


The self-developed vision system adopts combined light sources for clearer recognition. High frame rate synchronously recognizes 14*14mm components, high-definition IC camera can identify BGA, QFP, QFN, and other 25*25mm components, and cooperates with sophisticated algorithms to automatically compensate for picking deviations to achieve high-precision placement.


The production line involves a wide range of application fields and is used in various industries

About Hunan Charmhigh Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

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CHM-550 Specifications
Dimensions 980mm(L)X 1050mm(W) X 880mm(HD)
Weight 190kg
Power Supply AC220V (50Hz,single phase) 600W
Air Supply 0.5MPa ~0.7MPa
Vacuum Generation Vacuum generator (Japan PISCO)
Mounting Head Quantity 4
Mounting Speed 6500cph ( Visual inspection) IPC9850: 5000CPH
Mounting Accuracy ±60μm@μ±3σ/chip CPK≥1.0(XY)
Control Accuracy 5μm
Component Height 12mm
Component Type

0201/0402/0603~5050/SOT/SOP/QFP/QFN/BGA, etc.

(resistor/capacitor/diode/triode/LED/IC, etc.)

PCB Thickness 0.6mm~3.5mm
PCB Size 400mm(L)×350mm(W)
Nozzle Change Automatic nozzle change (13 hole nozzle library)
Control System

Built-in industrial computer (Windows 7)

equipped with monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Drive System X&Y axis driven by servo motors;adopting flexible S-curve acceleration and deceleration
Transmission System Ball screw + linear guide
Feeding System

50 Yamaha 8mm standard pneumatic/electric feeder stacks

(also suitable for IC tray and stick feeder)

Vision System

Snapshot camera×4 (component size applicable: 14mm×14mm);

IC camera×1 (component size applicable: 25mm×25mm);

Mark camera×2


omparable data.


Other brands of small pick and place machine


Mounting Accuracy




CPK test is not supported, the precision of the placement m achine cannot be tested, and the performance parameters cannot be guaranteed, which can only be expressed by control precision.
Nozzle library management Support replacement unusable nozzle None
Device mounting range (imperial)



etc. chip


The placement accuracy of 0402 is uncertain, QFP, QFN, BGA, and 0201 devices are manually corrected after placement, and the placement quality cannot be effectively guaranteed.
Mounting efficiency

6500CPH (optimal speed)

IPC9850 :5000CPH

Inaccurate counting, not according to IPC9850 standard

Mounting Head Quantity


4 sets of independent motor control

4 groups of rotaiing motor, support

Components Picking Simultaneously

2 motor contol 4 heads, does not support 4 heads capable of picking components simultaneously
identify camera High-precision IC camera (1 group) snapshot camera (4 groups) Mark camera (2 groups) Analog camera, digital camera
Drive System servo motors No-name small motor, slow speed

XYZ Transmission System


Ball screw + linear guide belt+ polished rod
Feeding method 50 sets of electric/pneumatic feeders Vibration feeders, IC tray, bulk materials puller pick-up/20-30 groups of feeder feeding
Mark identification Mark point automatic recognition Manual alignment
operating software Inheriting the experience of High-end pick and place machines, independent research and development, easy production, production management, information clear to glance, easy to use General open source software (more bugs, difficult to upgrade)
programmatically Visual collection coordinates, PCB file import, offline programming Laser Correspondence/Import
product weight 190KG 40~80KG
application scenarios R & D, high-precision production samples and mass production Proofing and production that do not require high precision
Mounting height ≤12MM 6mm
Device identification Independent R & D, maximize efficiency, combined light source, high-definition synchronization The vision system is outsourced. inconvenient maintenance
R & D strength Independent research and development of core technologies: high-definition cameras, control boards, etc. Take post-purchase stockpiling
Company strength Charmhigh is a national high-tech company in China, the existing site is 3600 square meters and an industrial park of 40,000 square meters under construction, which will be put into use in 2023 None
quality system ISO quality system Without certification, the quality cannot be guaranteed




Electronics Production Charmhigh CHM-550 Small Smt Led Lens Pick And Place Machines 0


Electronics Production Charmhigh CHM-550 Small Smt Led Lens Pick And Place Machines 1


Electronics Production Charmhigh CHM-550 Small Smt Led Lens Pick And Place Machines 2



1. Q: How many nozzles do you supply? Do you sell nozzles and spares?

A: The CHM-T36VA has two nozzle-heads, we supply 4 nozzles. Yes, we do sell nozzles and spares. If you need any spars, just let us know.

2. Q: Do you provide software updates?

A: Customers who buy our machines, we can offer free upgrades software for you.

3. Q: What air supply is required?

A: Oil free compressor and air dryer be used.


4. Do you use electromagnetic coil to control the pulling needles? What are the advantages if comparing to cylinder control?
Yes, the drawing needle we use is controlled by the electromagnetic coil. Comparing with the cylinder control, the electromagnetic coil control has the characteristics of faster response, softer force and less noise. The quick reaction can speed up the mounting speed; Soft strength refers to the strength of the pull needle is soft when pressing down, and the pull needle is not easy to break.


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