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Tips to improve the mounting speed of pick and place machine!


Latest company news about Tips to improve the mounting speed of pick and place machine!

When purchasing an SMT pick and place machine, mounting accuracy and mounting speed are one of the main reference factors.


Then, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost,And how to improve the actual mounting speed of SMT mounting machine?


What is mounting rate?


Everyone knows that the so-called mounting rate refers to the ratio of the number of components accurately mounted on the PCB board to the number of components actually picked up by the nozzle within a unit of time. Components picked up by the suction nozzle that cannot be accurately placed on the designated position of the PCB are called discarded parts. The main reasons for the discarded parts are also the influence of the feeder, the influence of the suction nozzle, the influence of the component detection system and other factors.


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1.The Effect of the Feeding System


The drive methods of the feeder include motor drive, mechanical drive and cylinder drive.

Taking the mechanical drive as an example, due to the high-speed access of the feeding mechanism to the feeder, after a long period of use, the pawl of the feeder is severely worn, resulting in the pawl not being able to drive the plastic tape of the reel to be peeled off normally, so that the suction nozzle cannot Complete the pick-up work, which affects the mounting speed.

In addition, long-term use or improper operation by the operator will also cause deformation and corrosion of the cover plate, thimble, spring and other moving mechanisms, which will cause the device to absorb deviation, stand up or fail to absorb the device.

Therefore, the feeder should be checked regularly, and the worn ones should be repaired immediately, and those that cannot be repaired should be replaced in time.



latest company news about Tips to improve the mounting speed of pick and place machine!  1


2.The Effect of the Nozzle


The suction nozzle is also another important factor affecting the mounting rate. There are internal reasons and external reasons.

The internal reason is that the vacuum negative pressure is insufficient. The suction nozzle automatically switches the mechanical valve on the mounting head before picking up the parts, from blowing to vacuum adsorption, and a certain negative pressure will be generated. When the filter in the vacuum pump is polluted and blocked, it will cause insufficient vacuum negative pressure and affect the suction efficiency of the suction nozzle.

External causes often manifest as aging and rupture of rubber air pipes, aging and wear of seals, etc., as well as clogging of suction nozzles caused by a large amount of waste generated after cutting of paper braided components.

Therefore, check the cleanliness of the suction nozzle daily, and clean or replace the suction nozzle and filter that are clogged or poorly picked up in time to ensure a good condition.


3.Influence of Component Inspection System


The device detection system is a necessary guarantee to increase the mounting rate. The device detection system is divided into component thickness detection and recognition system and optical recognition system.

After long-term use, the linear sensor of the component thickness detection and identification system is easily affected by dust, debris, and oil pollution. The light source intensity of the optical camera system will also gradually decrease. As the light intensity of the light source decreases, the gray value converted by the camera will also decrease. When the gray value decreases to a certain value, the image will not be recognized.

Therefore, the device detection system needs to be regularly calibrated and tested.


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