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The History of the Invention of the Pick and Place Machine


Latest company news about The History of the Invention of the Pick and Place Machine

1. Manual Welding

SMD technology refers to the technology of patch-mounting electronic components on printed circuit boards. Its history can be traced back to the early 20th century. In the early decades, all electronic components were mounted on circuit boards by hand soldering. This method requires a lot of manpower and time, is inefficient, and is difficult to guarantee the quality of welding.


2. The Birth of Patch Technology
In the 1960s, more and more integrated circuits began to appear in the electronics industry. This technology made electronic components smaller and more powerful. This also means finding more efficient and precise installation methods. So people began to try to use patch technology, which can paste electronic components on the circuit board without manual soldering.


3. The Inventor of the First Pick and Place Machine
In 1976, Japanese engineer Kenji Terajima invented the first chip pick and place machine. The machine automatically sticks electronic components onto circuit boards, using thermal paste to ensure good connections. Before the emergence of pick and place machines, the entire electronics manufacturing industry had to rely on manual soldering, which was inefficient and costly.


4. The Emergence of High-Speed Pick and Place Machines
In 1981, Laser introduced the first high-speed pick and place machine, which greatly improved the efficiency and quality of electronic manufacturing. These machines can complete a large amount of placement work within seconds. This high-speed pick and place machine was quickly widely adopted and became a mainstream equipment in the electronics manufacturing industry.


5. Conclusion

With the continuous development of technology, pick and place machines are becoming more efficient and precise, becoming an indispensable part of the electronics manufacturing industry. The inventors of patch technology have made significant contributions to our electronics industry, making electronic components smaller and more powerful in terms of processor performance, energy consumption, power consumption, size, etc.

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