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How to Choose a Pick and Place Machine(2)?


Latest company news about How to Choose a Pick and Place Machine(2)?

With the rapid development of the global electronics manufacturing industry, my country's pick and place machine technology has become more and more mature, not only has a large SMT user base in China, but also opens its doors to foreign countries, and has won the trust of customers!


The pick and place machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. It is a kind of equipment that accurately places surface mount components on the PCB pads by moving the mounting head. At present, the pick and place machine is divided into: trial production proofing type, high-precision small-volume type, economical general-purpose type, medium-speed general-purpose type, high-speed high-precision multi-functional type.


How do we choose the pick and place machine that suits us?


1. Production speed and efficiency: first consider the production demand, choose a pick and place machine that can meet the production speed, precision and efficiency, of course, also consider short-term and medium-term planning.


2. Evaluation of mounting suppliers: The supplier's focus on pick and place machines, self-research capabilities, and good reputation and word of mouth in the market are important factors for us to consider when choosing a pick and place machine, and it is also an important guarantee for choosing a pick and place machine.


3. The main elements of the pick and place machine evaluation:

(1) Y-axis dual drive: dual servo motors can effectively and synchronously drive the beam to move, ensuring that the pick and place machine is working at high speed for a long time. Improving precision and reliability, one of the key technologies for high-speed pick and place machines with Y-axis dual drive;

(2) Thermal compensation configuration: Affected by temperature or work-generated heat, the expansion coefficient of equipment-related accessories changes, thereby affecting the mounting accuracy of the machine. Thermal compensation can realize precision monitoring and automatic correction to ensure long-term stability of the machine.

(3)Whether to support CPK inspection: CPK is the most scientific statistical method for verifying the accuracy and stability of pick and place machines in the SMT industry. CPK accuracy refers to speed-related positioning accuracy, repetition accuracy, rotation accuracy, image acquisition accuracy, image recognition accuracy, mounting process control accuracy, PCB board calibration accuracy, heat-affected accuracy, and the vibration of the PCB board on the machine The comprehensive accuracy of batch mounting determined by a series of factors. If the pick and place machine does not support CPK testing, the data obtained by the test standards and methods customized by the manufacturer is not credible.

(4) The structure of the mounting head and the camera vision system: each mounting head is controlled by an independent mounting head motor and rotating motor, which can be recognized quickly and accurately.

(5) Automatic nozzle change: automatic nozzle change is based on the size of various components, automatically distribute and replace nozzles, to meet the needs of different component mounting without stopping the machine. If there is no automatic nozzle change, the impact on production will be explained:

If: the number of mounting points corresponding to each suction nozzle is: the total number of components is 288, the number of stickers is 6, the number of components corresponding to CN040 is 240, the number of components corresponding to CN065 is 20, the number of components corresponding to CN100 is 20, and the number of components corresponding to CN220 is The number of pieces is 8 pieces.

Automatic replacement of suction nozzles According to the above corresponding relationship, the program will automatically optimize the allocation and replacement of suction nozzles to ensure simultaneous production of 6 heads. The total number of rounds is: (240+20+20+8)/6=48, and 48 rounds are required to complete production.

No automatic nozzle change: In the case of non-stop, the 6 mounting heads of the pick and place machine need to be equipped with different nozzles to meet the production. The number of components corresponding to CN040 is 240. According to the optimal allocation of 3 attachment heads, 3 suction nozzles are allocated, and the other 3 heads are required to install CN065, CN100 and CN220 nozzles respectively. It takes 80 rounds to complete the mounting.

(6) Mounting speed: When consulting the speed, the standard question is what is the actual mounting speed of IPC9850? In the past, manufacturers of pick and place machines used their own defined parameters and methods to describe the performance of their equipment's output and mounting capabilities. As a result, the definition of many technical indicators and the inconsistency of measurement methods, the marked speed has no comparison. It is precisely this need that the Assembly Equipment Subcommittee under the IPC organization organized the pick and place machine manufacturers and users to cooperate to formulate the IPC9850 surface mount equipment performance testing program, and proposed a set of measurement principles, tools, methods, and data processing and analysis models. , officially became the industry standard in July 2002. Therefore, if the speed marked by the current pick and place machine manufacturer is not based on the IPC9850 standard, there is no reference value.

(7) Vacuum pump: A high-speed pick and place machine vacuum pump is a necessary configuration, which can ensure a stable vacuum, and the high-speed adsorption device is more reliable during mounting.


In addition, pay attention to the cost performance of a good pick and place machine is often directly proportional, do not choose blindly because of the price, I hope the above content can help you find a suitable pick and place machine for you.

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