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Correct Understanding of Reflow Oven


Latest company news about Correct Understanding of Reflow Oven

In the electronics manufacturing industry, reflow oven is a common soldering technique used to secure electronic components to circuit boards. reflow oven heats a circuit board pre-coated with solder paste to melt the solder paste and connect the components and circuit board to form a reliable solder connection. Here are several common reflow techniques:
1. Hot Air Reflow Oven

This is one of the most common reflow oven techniques. It uses hot air to blow against the circuit board, heating the solder paste to the melting temperature and achieving soldering. Hot air reflow oven equipment usually has temperature control and wind speed control functions to ensure the stability and consistency of the soldering process.


2. Infrared Reflow Oven

Infrared reflow oven uses infrared radiation to heat the circuit board and solder paste to reach the melting temperature. Infrared reflow oven equipment has adjustable radiation power and heating area, which can be precisely controlled according to the soldering requirements.


3. Hot Plate Reflow Oven

Hot plate reflow oven uses a heating plate to directly contact the circuit board and melt the solder paste by conducting heat. Hot plate reflow equipment typically features precise temperature control and pressure control to ensure soldering quality and consistency.


4. Vapor Phase Reflow Oven

Vapor phase reflow oven uses high-temperature steam or nitrogen to melt the solder paste and maintain the temperature for a certain period of time to complete the soldering. This technology is suitable for temperature-sensitive components and can reduce the impact of thermal stress on components.


Selecting the appropriate reflow oven technology depends on many factors, including soldering requirements, type and packaging of electronic components, production efficiency, etc. When selecting reflow oven equipment, factors such as equipment performance, temperature control accuracy, heating speed and uniformity also need to be considered.

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