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Common Knowledge of Pick and Place Machine and SMT Production (4)


Latest company news about Common Knowledge of Pick and Place Machine and SMT Production (4)

61. The maximum temperature of the reflow furnace temperature curve is 215C, which is the most suitable;


62. When inspecting the tin furnace, the temperature of the tin furnace is 245°C;


63. The opening pattern of the steel plate is square, triangle, circle, star, and epitome;

64. Whether the exclusion of SMT segment is directional or not;

65. The solder paste currently on the market actually only has a sticking time of 4 hours;

66. The rated air pressure generally used by SMT equipment is 5KG/cm2;

67. Tools for SMT parts maintenance include: soldering iron, hot air extractor, tin suction gun, tweezers;

68. QC is divided into: IQC, IPQC. FQC, OQC;

69. The high-speed pick and place machine can mount resistors, capacitors, ICs, and transistors; the packaging methods are Reel and Tray, and Tube is not suitable for high-speed pick and place machines;

70. The characteristics of static electricity: small current, greatly affected by humidity;

71. What kind of welding method should be used when the front PTH and back SMT pass through the tin furnace? Disturbed double wave soldering;

72. Common inspection methods for SMT: visual inspection, X-ray inspection, machine vision inspection;

73. The heat conduction mode of ferrochrome repair parts is conduction convection;

74. At present, the main components of solder balls in BGA materials are Sn90 Pb10, SAC305, SAC405;

75. Laser cutting, electroforming, and chemical etching of steel plates;

76. The temperature of the welding furnace is pressed: use the temperature detector to measure the applicable temperature;

77. When the SMT semi-finished products from the soldering furnace are exported, their welding status is that the parts are fixed on the PCB;

78. The history of modern quality management development TQC-TQA-TQM;

79. ICT testing is a bed of needles test;

80. ICT testing can test electronic components using static testing;

81. The characteristics of solder are that the melting point is lower than other metals, the physical properties meet the welding conditions, and the fluidity at low temperature is better than other metals;

82. Siemens 80F/S is a relatively electronically controlled transmission;

83. The solder paste thickness gauge uses Laser to measure: solder paste thickness, solder paste thickness, and printed width of solder paste;

84. The feeding methods of SMT parts include vibrating feeder, disc feeder and tape feeder;

85. What mechanisms are used in SMT equipment: cam mechanism, side rod mechanism, screw mechanism, sliding mechanism;

86. If the visual inspection section cannot be confirmed, which operation BOM, manufacturer confirmation, and sample board must be followed;

87. If the parts packaging method is 12w8P, the counter Pinth size must be adjusted by 8mm each time;

88. Types of separate welding machines: hot air separate welding furnace, nitrogen separate welding furnace, laser separate welding furnace, infrared separate welding furnace;

89. Methods that can be used for SMT parts sample trial production: streamline production, hand-printed machine placement, hand-printed hand-mounted;

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