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Chm-T48VB Desktop Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly Production Line
  • Chm-T48VB Desktop Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly Production Line
  • Chm-T48VB Desktop Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly Production Line

Chm-T48VB Desktop Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly Production Line

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Charmhigh
Certification CE
Model Number CHM-T48VB
Product Details
Desktop Pick And Place Machine
Net Weight:
Control System:
Built-in Computer(embedded Linux Operating System), 7-inch Touch Screen
PCB Size:
Mounting Speed:
6000cph(optimalwithout Vision Detection);
Feeding System:
58 Tape Feeding Stacks(8mm:44,12mm:8;16mm:4,24mm:2;customization Supported),
Delivery Time:
1-3 Days
Highest Component:
1 Year
High Light: 

Desktop Pcb Pick Place Machine


Chm-T48VB Pick Place Machine


CE Pick And Place Machine

Product Description

Chm-T48VB Pick And Place Machine Desktop For Pcb Assembly Production Line In A Factory CE Passed




CHM-T48VB Specifications
Dimensions 1310mm(L)×710mm(W)×340mm(H)
Weight 49kg
Power Supply

AC220V (50Hz, single phase) /AC110V (60Hz, single phase);


Air Supply No external air supply required
Vacuum Generation Built-in vacuum pump
Mounting Head Quantity 2
Mounting Speed

6000cph(optimalwithout vision detection);

4000cph (optimal with vision detection)

Control Accuracy 0.025mm
Component Type

0402/0603~5050/SOT/SOP/QFP/QFN/BGA, etc.

(resistor/capacitor/diode/triode/LED/IC, etc.)

PCB Thickness 0.6mm~3.5mm
PCB Size 10mm(L)×10mm(W)~345mm(L)×360mm(W)
PCB Conveying Manual operation
Nozzle Change Manual operation
Control System

Built-in computer(embedded Linux operating system),

7-inch touch screen

Drive System X&Y-axisdriven by stepping motors in the way of closed-loop control realized by encoder; Z-axis capable of reset detection;all motors adopting flexible S-curve acceleration and deceleration; tape puller automatic reset supported
Transmission System Synchronous belt + polished rod +linear guide
Feeding System 58 tape feeding stacks(8mm:44,12mm:8;16mm:4,24mm:2;customization supported), 14 preset general IC stacks, worksurface custom IC trays and stick feeder supported
Vision System Up-looking camara for component automatic calibration (component size applicable: 22mm×22mm); down-looking camera for PCB calibration via Mark Point and component positioning


Competitive Advantage:
1. Convenient software. Embedded Linux System of the machine, stable industry main board. independent operation. no need external computer. operation easier and more convenient. learn fast.
2. in-build touch screen, no need external monitor. room saved. more convenient operation. use mouse supported as well.
3. Top and bottom two vision cameras, correct the position of each components, you can view the vision image from screen for every components.(max component size 22*22mm)
4. It has flexible PCB clamping fixture, suitable for different size of PCB
5. It supported custom IC tray. IC tray can be fixed on machine table.
6. wo mountina heads with 2pcs juki Nozzles. vuki nozzle inside maanet. so it can be removed by finger, no need to disassemble with wrench, nozzles rotation angle -180 degree to +180 degree.
7. Al-in-one machine. 58pcs feeders included in machine. no need to buy other parts. machine is ready to work.
8. Z axis detection, machine’s pull needle automatically return to origin to avoid nozzles broken.
9. Max height component support 5mm.
10. Closed-loop control,xy Axis with encoder, not out of step.
11.PCB calibrated by two components position, then rest components will be calibrated automatically.
12.With vacuum detection. with automatic feeding, if one component suck crooked, it will automatically throw it to deposit area, then dick a new one to mount again.
13. With vision detection. camera will auto correction component anale and place on PCB board right place. If heads not picking up components. camera will detect it and go back to pick again. 3 times not picking. machine will alarm and stop, after supply material. then continue working. no need to start over again.
14. Comes with convert tool (PC version). edit work file in computer and load work file into machine by USB port. quick and convenient.
15.Support panelized boards.
16 if you dont have PCB file. you can create a new work fle to proaram in machine directly
17.Support single step.
18.Support cut tapesbulk material/tube material.



Why choose Charmhigh?
1. Light weight body,occupy small area
2. User friendly need professional SMT engineer.entry-level device
3. High integrated,no need extra pump or any supporting facility
4. High accuracy and reliability,make up the defection of manual work
5. Low cost.reduce expense to own a professional automatic SMT production line
6. international express with door to door service.3-5 working days delivery
7. Especial for laboratory research and development.samples to avoid any patents and designs revealment



Standard Accessories for CHM-T48VB:
1) Pick and Place Machine CHM-T48VB 1
2) Juki nozzle total 4pcs(503.504.505.506 size)
3) 8G USB driver 1
4) Power Cord 1
5) Pull needle 2
6) Coil for pull pin1
7) Camera positioning adjust black board 1
8) Hex wrench 6
9) Tweezers 1
10) Brush 1
11) Fixture for IC tray 4
12) English user manual 1


Chm-T48VB Desktop Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly Production Line 0

Chm-T48VB Desktop Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly Production Line 1

Chm-T48VB Desktop Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly Production Line 2

Your steps for a small SMT production
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a popular method for producing prototypes of electronic products. SMT production for prototypes can be done in a small scale or in-house, making it cost-effective and efficient for product development. Here are the steps for SMT production for prototypes:

· Design and layout: Create a detailed design of the prototype, including schematics and PCB layout, and verify that it meets the necessary safety and performance standards.

· Component selection: Choose the components that will be used in the prototype, taking into account factors such as cost, availability, and suitability for the application.

· Prototype creation: Use a pick and place machine to place the components onto the PCB, following the design and layout. The components are then soldered onto the PCB using a reflow oven.

· Testing: Test the prototype to ensure that it functions as expected and that all components are securely attached to the PCB.

· Refining the design: If necessary, make any changes to the design based on the results of the testing. Repeat the SMT production and testing process until the prototype is finalized.

· Scaling up production: Once the design is finalized, the SMT production process can be scaled up for mass production.

SMT production for prototypes provides a flexible and cost-effective way to develop and test new products before committing to mass production. It also allows for rapid prototyping, which is important for product development in fast-paced industries.

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