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Charmhigh Smt Smd PCB LED Pick And Place Machine High Precision

Charmhigh Smt Smd PCB LED Pick And Place Machine High Precision

PCB Smt Pick Place Machine

LED Smt Pick Place Machine

Charmhigh Smd Machine

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Product Details
Smt Pick And Place Machine
Mounting Head Quantity:
Mounting Speed:
PCB Size:
450mm(L)×350mm(W) (standard); 1200mm(L)×350mm(W) (optional)
Component Type:
0201/0402/0603~5050/SOT/SOP/QFP/QFN/BGA, Etc. (resistor/capacitor/diode/triode/LED/IC, Etc.)
Mounting Accuracy:
±50μm CPK≥1.0(XY)
PCB Conveying:
3-section-rail Automatic Conveying, PCB Support
Feeding System:
100 NXT 8mm Standard Feeder Stacks
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Negotiable Price
Packaging Details
wooden box
Delivery Time
15 work days
Payment Terms
credit card,PayPal,T/T
Supply Ability
200 per month
Product Description


SMT ASSEMBLY SYSTEM Charmhigh Smt High Precision Smd PCB LED Pick And Place Machine


Machine advantages:
1. Mounting Accuracy:±50μm, cpk≥1.0
2. Mounting 9850 test board: 24000-25000cph
39000CPH (optimal speed)
3. Mounting head : 8
4. Weight :1600kg (The machine runs more stably)
5. Z-axis motors :6 (6 Heads Capable of Picking Components Simultaneously),Angle motor:6
6. X&Y axis driven by Panasonic A6 servo motors (Y axis by double motors)
7. Automatic nozzle change system
8. Accuracy compensation system (high temperature generated during operation, resulting in deformation of the lead screw)
9. The core parts such as the motor lead screw are all imported parts, which can support 24-hour high-intensity production
10. One year warranty


CHM-861 Specifications
Dimensions 1600mm(L)×1430mm(W)×1530mm(H)
Weight 1596kg
Power Supply AC380V (50Hz, three phase), 4.5kW
Air Supply 0.5MPa ~0.7MPa
Vacuum Generation Built-in vacuum pump
Mounting Head Quantity 8
Mounting Speed

39000cph (optimal)


Mounting Accuracy ±50μm CPK≥1.0(XY)
Control Accuracy 4μm
Component Height 12mm
Component Type

0201/0402/0603~5050/SOT/SOP/QFP/QFN/BGA, etc.

(resistor/capacitor/diode/triode/LED/IC, etc.)

PCB Thickness 0.6mm~3.5mm
PCB Size

450mm(L)×350mm(W) (standard);

1200mm(L)×350mm(W) (optional)

PCB Conveying 3-section-rail automatic conveying, PCB support
Nozzle Change Automatic nozzle change (37-hole nozzle library)
Control System

Built-in industrial computer (Windows 7)

equipped with monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Drive System X&Y axis driven by Panasonic A6 servo motors (Y axis by double motors); adopting flexible S-curve acceleration and deceleration
Transmission System X&Y axis adopting THK ground ball screw and THK mute linear guide (Y axis with double screws)
Feeding System

100 NXT 8mm standard feeder stacks

(also suitable for IC tray and stick feeder)

Vision System

Fly camera×8 (component size applicable: 16mm×16mm);

IC camera×1 (component size applicable: 36mm×36mm);

Mark camera×2


Question: Can your 861 pick and place machine use Fuji NXT original feeder?

Answer: Our 8-series pick and place machine is 100% compatible with the original NXT feeder. The NXT feeder has a fast feeding speed and high precision. For example, the feeding speed of the third-generation 8mm feeder is as high as 30 times per second, and the feeding accuracy is ±0.03mm. Using this kind of feeder, in the case of a small number of feeders and a large number of mounting heads, continuous feeding has a great advantage.




Charmhigh Smt Smd PCB LED Pick And Place Machine High Precision 0


Charmhigh Smt Smd PCB LED Pick And Place Machine High Precision 1

1.Machines need keeping away from the humid environment and dust, or which will get on electrical shock and fire.
2.Machines need lying stable platform, or which the shake may lead to reduce the precision and even turn over and personal injury.
3.Don’t dismounting the machines casually, or the machine may be broken.
4.Don’t touch the optical axis and the mounting head, or which may damage the machine and hurt yourselves.
5.Make sure the machine engine accordance with the requirements of the standard machine and make sure lie on the ground very well.
6.Make sure the machine away from the inflammables and explosives to avoid the fire and getting the electric shock.
7.Take the small machine parts like suction nozzle at the place where the babies can’t touch.
8.Don’t take the pulling needle stretch out for too long time, or the pulling needle will be broken.
9.Don’t take the machine in the Sun or the highlight directly, or which will reduce the machine precision and even broke the machine.
10.Please kindly contact us if any other questions.

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