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LED Display 60W SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine For PCB Assembly Line

LED Display 60W SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine For PCB Assembly Line

60W Solder Paste Mixer Machine

SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine

SMT solder paste mixing machine

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Product Details
Mixter Power Supply::
AC 220V
Running Speed:
First Turn:1380RPM;Second Turn:600RPM
Machine Size:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Negotiable Price
Delivery Time
8-10 work day
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
10 set/day
Product Description

LED Display 60W SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine For PCB Assembly Line

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Hunan Charmhigh Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is the well-known manufacturer of high-end
SMT equipment in China.
The company is located in the Changsha High-tech Development Zone,
covering a total area of 3600 square meters.
As a professional modern science and technology enterprise capable of both R&D,
production and marketing, Charmhigh has been leading the way in SMT technology
for more than ten years.
Different series of multi-head full-automatic SMT machines have been developed and
manufactured by Charmhigh to meet various practical production needs.
In accordance with the business philosophy of "Customer First, Innovation Paramount",
Charmhigh has won the hearts of thousands of customers all over the world.


Product Description

The mixer 5500D uses the principle of imitating planetary operation to fully stir the solid and liquid components in the solder paste to achieve a completely consistent density.

It can exhibit better thixotropy in subsequent screen printing and reflow soldering. And welding ability. It can also standardize operations and reduce the chance of solder paste absorbing moisture.


  • It's safety design, it has a door lock, micro switch can ensure personal safety.
  • The tin paste tank is placed obliquely to make the stirring more fully and at the same time have the effect of eliminating air bubbles.
  • The solder paste can is easy to take and place and the solder paste tank placed at 45 degrees rotates in the direction of the axis, so that the solder paste will not stick to the paste cover.
  • Parameters
  • Model MIX5500D
    Power supply AC 220V 50Hz 60W
    Running speed

    First turn:1380RPM;
    Second turn:600RPM

    Ability 500g*2 cans(Can accept solder paste tank M tank diameter φ60-φ67 standard equipment)
    Display LED digital display
    Machine size W400*D400*H500mm
    Net weight 35KG
  • LED Display 60W SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine For PCB Assembly Line 0LED Display 60W SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine For PCB Assembly Line 1LED Display 60W SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine For PCB Assembly Line 2LED Display 60W SMT Solder Paste Mixer Machine For PCB Assembly Line 3
  • 1. Please place the machine close to the place that meets the power supply of this equipment, and the ground should be stable.
    2. Make sure that the power switch is off, and then plug in the power cable.
    3. Open the door lock and lift the top cover of the machine.
    4. Place the solder paste can
    4.1 Please take out the solder paste that needs to be stirred, remove the inner cover of the solder paste, and tighten the cover again.
    4.2 If it is necessary to stir two tins of solder paste at the same time each time, the masses should be equal, and the difference should be within 50 grams.
    4.3 If only one tin of solder paste is stirred at a time, please load the waste solder paste of the same specification and quality into another fixture to keep it in balance. (Note that the old cans are marked to avoid mixing).
    4.4 Open the solder paste jig, put the solder paste can into it, then close the lid, and lock the lid buckle.
    If the solder paste tank is not standard equipment, too large or too small, please contact our company.
    4.5 After loading the solder paste, make sure that nothing is left in the machine.
    5. Close the cover and lock the door lock.
    6 Turn on the power switch, if you need to adjust the time, please set the time relay.
    7 According to the bright switch, the lighting lights are turned on. If you want to start the machine, you must reset the lighting switch; press the start switch, the machine starts to run, and the lights are also on. When the set time is reached, the motor stops running, and the colored lights are also extinguished at the same time. When the motor is running, press the stop switch, the motor will stop running, and the colored lights will go out at the same time.
    8 When the machine is running, if you want to forcibly turn off the power and open the upper cover, be careful not to touch the rotating parts.
    Packing List:
    1.User manual 1 pcs
    2.Machine body 1 set
    3.2 rubber pads (used to keep the locking screw of the solder paste fixture clean)
    4.Power cord 1 pcs


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