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How to Choose a SMT Pick and Place Machine(1)?


Latest company news about How to Choose a SMT Pick and Place Machine(1)?

1、The CPK test data is a key indicator to test the accuracy and stability of the equipment.

At present, most domestic pick and place machines generally use a stepping system, which is difficult to meet the requirements of SMT processing accuracy and speed.Charmhigh breaks through the core key technology, self-developed dual-axis servo control technology, independent servo control technology for each head and advanced assembly craft, ensuring high stability and high precision when the pick and place machine works at high speed. Charmhigh's general-purpose high-speed and high-precision series pick and place machines are not afraid of CPK detection. The speed is tested according to the IPC9850 standard, and false labels are rejected. Everything speaks with data. It is truly caring and mounting to the "chip", so that users can rest assured.

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2、Advanced vision system (take CHM-861 as an example)

Charmhigh self-developed industrial-grade vision system can quickly candid photos high-definition identify and absorb components, 1.3 million pixels x 8 images are transmitted, and the frame rate reaches 300 frames per second. Realize multi-heads take at the same time, greatly improve production efficiency.

3、ATC Automatic Nozzle Change

The automatic replacement of the suction nozzle is one of the technical indicators to measure the automation of the pick and place machine. According to production requirements, different types of nozzles can be preset to meet the mounting of different devices. Intelligent software management replaces manual replacement, improving mounting efficiency and safety.

4、Motion structure with high precision control

Dual Y-axis servo control technology is the core technology of advanced pick and place machines. It can effectively guarantee the accuracy and stability of the equipment when it works at high speed for a long time.

5、System accuracy compensation

Accuracy compensation correction in device mounting motion. Realize the compensation of precision deviation caused by heat energy, the position deviation and angle compensation generated when electronic components are picked up.

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6. Intelligent operation software

Software is also the key to a successful high-precision pick and place machine. In terms of mounting accuracy and speed, the post-optimization of the software played a big role. The control software developed by Charmhigh Electromechanical has the following advantages:

6.1、Component library management: support the import of standard component libraries, and support the editing of non-standard components.


6.2、Path optimization: The software uses intelligent algorithms to automatically optimize the material suction and mounting paths to achieve the best utilization rate of equipment.


7、Coordinate import: realize one-key import of coordinates. One-click import of mounting coordinates can be realized through text files such as text format and EXCEL files.


8、Online monitoring and recording of production data: Users can manage production more easily based on information


9、ATC nozzle library management: the model and position of each nozzle are clear at a glance.

Software intelligent integration, simple and convenient, easy to use.



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