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Daily Management and Maintenance of Pick and Place Machine


Latest company news about Daily Management and Maintenance of Pick and Place Machine

In order to improve the efficiency and benefit of the SMT pick and place machine production line, as well as the daily management and maintenance of the pick and place machine, we must carefully understand and use it well. Today, I will talk to you about some daily management and maintenance of the pick and place machine.


1. Filter
The filter plays the role of compression and filter pressure during the mounting process to ensure the cleanliness of the compressed air. If the filter is dirty, the filtering effect will be poor, which will affect the suction of the nozzle, thus directly affecting the placement effect . When maintaining the equipment, develop the habit of replacing the filter regularly, usually once a month, which is a consumable accessory. Therefore, there must be a certain number of spare parts.

2. Reflective Cap and Reflective Plate
The reflector is used for detection of component electrodes, component size and nozzle number. If the above three functions are poorly recognized during the placement process, the reflector and reflector cap must be inspected or replaced.

3. Conveyor Belt
The conveyor belt is used to transfer the target board during mounting. The conveyor belt will wear out during long-term use, and it will break when worn to a certain extent. Therefore, in daily use, at least one copy is required for backup replacement, and multiple copies can be backed up for some frequently worn parts.

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(Charmhigh Electromechanical High-precision Flexible Pick and Place Machine)

4. Cylinder
The cylinder is generally used in conjunction with the solenoid valve in the pick and place machine to play the role of lifting and stopping. In the mechanism of the pick and place machine, the cylinder is widely used. For example, the cylinder used on the mounting head can be used to set whether the placement head is used and stop it; the cylinder expands and contracts according to the signal of the solenoid valve to make the workbench rise and fall, etc. . During the use of the cylinder, there will be wear or dust, and it should be checked regularly. Frequently encountered problems are:
a.The compressed air is not clean, causing the cylinder to expand and contract inflexibly or not in place. At this time, it should be cleaned immediately.


b.Air leakage may be due to the aging of the sealing ring, and the sealing ring can be replaced.

c.The piston is worn out, and the cylinder needs to be replaced at this time.

5. Bearing
Bearings serve two purposes.
a. Limit, bearing limit means that the fixed shaft can only realize rotation, but cannot move axially and radially;


b.Support, support refers to bearing the radial load of the shaft. Bearings are divided into rolling axial axial bearings, ball bearings and thrust bearings according to their functions.
Bearings are widely used standard parts in the structure of pick and place machines. If they run for a long time, they will wear out. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly, and if the bearing is found to have radial movement, which affects the normal operation of the equipment, it must be replaced immediately to ensure stable operation. Such as joint bearings and rolling bearings used in pick and place machines.

6. Timing Belt
The synchronous belt is composed of an endless belt with equidistant teeth on the surface and corresponding matching wheels. It combines the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive. When working, the power is transmitted through the meshing of the belt teeth and the tooth grooves of the wheel. Synchronous belt transmission has accurate transmission ratio, can obtain constant speed ratio, no slip, low noise, stable transmission, can absorb vibration, wide range of transmission ratio, generally up to 1 to 10, allowable linear speed up to 50m/s, Transfer power from a few watts to kilowatts. High transmission efficiency, generally up to 98%, compact structure, suitable for multi-axis transmission, no pollution, no lubrication, so it can work normally in places where pollution is not allowed and the working environment is relatively harsh.


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